Open Source framework providing full interoperability for authoring, rendering and distribution of interactive (or simple) questions.

Freedom & Choice

PIE is an Open Source Framework. Any content (or new question types) you create belong to you. You do not require a licence, payment or partnership with any organization to use or share your content.

Simple Distribution

PIE provides an open non-proprietary format for Assement Content that preserves the design and functionality that the content developer intended. Both for simpler question types and more advanced interactions.

Developer Friendly

Use the capabilities of HTML5 and modern javascript development to deliver engaging, interactive question types that will work on web or mobile devices.

Content Authoring

You can Integrate question authoring to your site using any PIE-compatible question types.

Standards Compatible

The PIE Framework is not itself a standard, but a working set of software tools. It can work within and support a number of existing education technology standards.

Quality and Innovation

You can create new and innovative interactions to deliver a more engaging and effective assessment experience. Or create or modify existing question types so they perfectly represent your educational and design standards.

For Developers

The PIE Framework uses web development best practices and tools to allow you to easily create re-usable question types with advanced UI and scoring behavior, and allows you to distribute these question types so they can be used on any system. You can use javascript frameworks, ES6 module loading and live reloading during development.

For content publishers

Create content using simple or advanced assessment interactions and distribute it to your customers with the confidence that your content will appear and function exactly as designed by your content authors.